Consumer Protection Council, Rourkela



B/90, Sector-7, ROURKELA-769003.    Orissa.  India 


Þ The Council was awarded the ďCHETANA SAMMANí by the Government of Orissa, for being the outstanding voluntary consumer organisation, during 1993.

Þ The Council is a member of theCentral Consumer ProtectionCouncil, a statutory consultative body constituted by the Government of India.

Þ The Council was  a member of the Orissa State Consumer Protection Council, a statutory consultative body constituted by the Government of Orissa under the Consumer Protection Act.

ÞThe Council was a member of the Committee for selecting Small Scale Industries producing quality producers for National Awards, constituted by the Government of Orissa.

Þ The Council was also a member of the Consumer Advisory Committee on Petroleum Products, Orissa.

Þ  The Council is represented in:

· Consumer Coordination Council, New Delhi,a confederation of leading consumer organisations of the country.

· Commission Advisory Committee of the Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission.

· Divisional Railway Users Consultative Committee, Chakradharpur, SE Railway.

·  TechnicalCommittees of Bureau of Indian Standards.

·  StandingCommittee for Review of the Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977, under the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.

· Development Council for Electronic Industry, under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India

Þ  Above all, it is because of its dedicated and effective service and the credibility it enjoys among the common man, the Council is being approached by one and all, when they do not succeed in sorting out their problem. The complainants range from a daily wage earner to a highly placed executive of the Public Sector Steel Plant.  Similarly complainants irrespective of their region, religion, profession, caste, Trade Union/Party affiliations approach the Council for speedy redressal of their grievances.

Þ  It is also a matter of fact that the Councilís presence is having a salutary effect on those who will not mind doing things which are not in consumer interests. Encouraged by the presence of the Council and equipped with the knowledge imparted by it, there are many who are willing to fight for safeguarding their rights.  This is quite often acknowledged by many, who reap benefits even without Councilís interference.


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Consumer Protection Council, Rourkela
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