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NEW FAQs on Electricity Reforms 
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    Information has been stored in different pages and you may choose the information you need, from the following:

1. Consumer Complaints against well known service providers

2. Consumer Protection Act
   Sample Complaint Petition

3. Important Judgments
   (i) Supreme Court Judgments
  (ii) Consumer Court Judgments

4. Electricity Reforms & Regulatory Commissions 
   (i) The Need for Electricity Reforms
   (ii) Consumer Rights Statement
   (iii) Grievances Handling Procedure
   (iv) Suggestions for Consumer Advocacy
    (v) Web sites for reference

5. Comparative Testing
 You can visit on comparative Test Results on various items of daily use.

6. Informative Tips
    Don't be satisfied with Mileage
    Beware of spurious batteries 

7. Advantage Consumer Online

8. Reserve Bank of India is regularly publishing notifications and other information of interest to the general public.  These can be accessed at its web site

9. Tap the GOI website for lots of information on Consumer Protection, Prices, etc. at  (or)

10. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi  has put up its web site.  You can access it at

11. For environmental issues you could visit

           Read Advantage Consumer, monthly newsletter of Consumer Protection Council, Rourkela.

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