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    This page is open to everyone and the visitors  can share their complaints regarding deficient goods & services  In case you want to participate, please "Click"  below and mail your complaint/unsavoury experience.  After examining the suitability of the same and if required, after editing, the same will be put up in this page.  Please feel free to participate so as to inform and educate other consumers.          -Editor

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1. Bad shopping experience with
2. Indifferent National Insurance Co.
3. Beware of Reliance India Mobile
4. ICICI Bank likes to hold on to your money

Bad shopping experience with
          This is regarding my recent shopping experience at a online shopping site I have a couple of orders with them in the past and have never received the complete order. Recently when I received a special discount coupon from them, I tried to shop for 3 music CDs, two of them very expensive at Rs. 2500/- each and one at Rs. 250. I received the Rs. 250 CD but never received the expensive ones. They informed me that it was out of stock. This has happened with me in the past whenever I have tried to avail of the discounts on higher value items. I know for a fact that they could have sourced the CD since the one they sent me was from Planet M (store very next to my residence) and the same store had the other two CDs in stock. I feel cheated and feel that my time was wasted.

        I would also like to mention that on the website of Indiatimes, there is only one customer service no listed and that is also based in Delhi.  So if somebody wants customer service they have to make an STD call. And this no. throughout the day, is constantly busy, so there is no way anybody can get any service. I had also written a mail to their customer service department and its been a couple of days already and I still havenít heard from them. I hope that something can be done about this and that more and more consumers are warned against such companies. 
                   Pushpak Desai. Juhu Lane, Andheri (W), Mumbai 58.

Indifferent National Insurance Co.

  This is to inform you that I have a Mediclaim policy for me, my wife, Shikha Mukherjee and our son, Soumyadeep Mukherjee (No. 153802/48/03/8501063 from 01/03/2004 to 28/02/2005) of M/s. National Insurance Company Ltd., Kharagpur - 721 301. We have been members of Mediclaim Hospitalisation and Domiciallary Hospitalisation Policy for the last eight years either through IIT Kharagpur Mediclaim Insurance Scheme (from 1997 to 2001) or individually (from 2001 to 2005). M/s. National Insurance Company Ltd., Kharagpur - 721 301 have appointed M/s Genins India Ltd., Kolkata as the third party administrator.

     I had taken my wife, Shikha Mukherjee to CMC Hospital, Vellore for treatment of her varicose veins in both the legs in early July. The doctors checked her up and found that the only possible treatment was surgery in both the legs and accordingly, she was operated upon on July 08. After returning on July 15, I submitted the claims to M/s. National Insurance Company Ltd., Kharagpur - 721 301 on  30th July 2004. Along with the claims, I also submitted a letter requesting them to send all correspondence to my office address since my wife was recuperating at our relativeís place. On 28th September, I received a letter from M/s Genins India Ltd., Kolkata in my residence informing me that since my wife was suffering for the past six years, the disease was pre-existing at the time of inception of this policy and hence not payable.

     My wife has been continuously under Mediclaim for the past eight years. Even if the disease started six years back, should the Mediclaim cover it or not? If not, then what for do M/s. National Insurance Company Ltd., Kharagpur - 721 301 call it Mediclaim Hospitalisation and Domiciallary Hospitalisation Policy? It should rather be called a scrutinization and refusal policy!

     Further, why did it take almost two months to find out and inform me of this refusal? Is it not delaying tactics?

     Also, how are they keeping on making correspondence in my residential address even after categorically being told in writing that nobody will be able to receive it and they should contact us only in my office address. I am thankful to the postal authorities, who delivered the letter to my new Quarters A 48 even though it was addressed to my old Quarters 2BR-IV. I have changed Quarters in between.

     I want this to be published through your columns, so that unwary consumers of Mediclaim are warned of M/s Genins India Ltd., Kolkata. Last year in April, I had put up a claim for Rs. 4715.40 towards my wifeís hospitalization. After a long correspondence, M/s Genins India Ltd., Kolkata finally settled the bill for Rs. 4345/- and sent the cheque to me on December 04, 2003 . This cheque was a Kolkata bank cheque and the money was deposited only on January 19, 2004. The bank charges was Rs. 70. So, finally we received Rs.4275/- after almost seven months! Souldnít they send demand drafts payable at the local bank to avoid this delay? I do not know why M/s. National Insurance Company Ltd., Kharagpur - 721 301 is taking the services of M/s Genins India Ltd., Kolkata, which is a highly inefficient organization.

     The latest situation is that I got a telephone call from Manager, National Insurance, Kharagpur on Oct. 4 requesting me to write a letter to Genins India Ltd. He asked me to request Genins to reopen my file, which I  refused and asked the Manager to send this in writing, which he declined. After a few minutes, I rang him back and asked him to send back all my original documents submitted to them and to my utter surprise he told that my wife's claim is now being processed and that I shall get the claims soon. I am totally confused. 
         Prof. Dibyendu Mukherjee, IIT, Kharagpur.  West Bengal

Beware of Reliance India Mobile

                I have found your site helpful in raising voice against the consumer exploitation. I am undergoing similar experience with Reliance India Mobile. I want your help in raising my voice and tell this world that if people subscribe to this service they are eligible for all frustration, harassment, embarrassment and waste of your valuable time. You might be easily fooled by seeing there lucrative schemes but BEWARE that is a trap for you.

     Here I am going to explain you my full story with RIM.  I have received bill of 1462.0 on 26-9-2004 clearly stating that bill due date is 18-10-2004. Even after that I was receiving call from Reliance customer care without any sense of time asking me when I am going to pay my bill. Here is not the end of story my STD was disabled on 30-9-2004 stating the reason that my usage is high. I thought there might be some technical problem that's why I received this message, so for avoiding any further problems I have paid my full bill of Rs 1462.00 on 1-10-2004 through online credit card payment. I don't know how Reliance transaction system works but same day on 1st October eve I have received one more message that my outgoing calls are deactivated. Since then I have been calling to Reliance customer care for knowing the reason for the same but they are just saying that there system is not reflecting anything related to my payment moreover if you ask them to transfer to concerned person they asked me about my credit cared no, I am not sure whether Reliance people are aware about credit card no usages. Tell me how can one run on such a big risk of giving his credit card no to anyone. I repeatedly asked them that I have Bank Reference No  044872 that they can use for further query and resolving this but they all are very much interested in getting credit card no and shown there inability in case if I am not providing my credit card no.

         On Sunday 3rd October I thought going to web world might resolve my issue. I went there and told them full story that customer care representative took my issue and registered my complaint in system and told me that my outgoing is activated and assured me that my STD would be enabled within 3 hours time. So I learnt a lesson that for everything reliance wants there customers to come the web world and stand in queue for resolving there issue. But story not ends here same day 3rd October eve I received again same message that outgoing call is de-activated. Since then I am again in the vicious cycle of calling Reliance customer care and explaining them about my pity.
                                   Amit Vishnoi,  G.M.Palya, Bangalore -75

ICICI Bank likes to hold on to your money

I would like to share with you one of the worst banking experience I have had. It is with ICICI Bank. I am an NRI working in Denmark and as per the ICICI Bank website, I transferred 10,000 Danish Kroners to an account in Danske Bank,Denmark. This account is supposedly operated by ICICI who collect the money and transfer them into the Indian accounts of the respective people. It is nearly 2 months and I am yet to get the money into my Indian account (626201077225). 

Because I too have a local bank account with Danske Bank, I did a normal account-to-account transfer. Now ICICI Bank asked me to ask my local bank to send a SWIFT message. When I approached the local bank, they said that SWIFT messages are only for wire-transfers and not for account-to-account transfers within the same bank. But ICICI refuses to acknowledge this simple fact. They acknowledge that they have received the money and know it is from me but still won't transfer the money. They just keep on insisting on this SWIFT message which I repeatedly told them that the local bank won't give.

This message is to warn all people who remit money through ICICI Bank. They must realise that when they transfer money into an account operated by ICICI, they are at the mercy of the ICICI. Even if they want to get back the money, they cannot unless ICICI decides to give it back because they have willingly given the money through online transfer.

Somnath Kumar. Horsensgade 11, 4,T.H, 2100 Osterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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