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1. ICICI Bank does not care for its customers
2. Beware of IndiaTimes Shopping 
3. Unfair Trade Practice by HT Media
4. Bad shopping experience with

ICICI Bank does not care for its customers

     I'm working as a Sales Engineer with a reputed organisation in India. I travel very frequently throughout Gujarat and currently stationed at Vapi.

     Even after being a customer of ICICI for the past 5 years, I'm facing difficulties with ICICI Bank and would like you to publish my opinion in your website. My Debit card was only used for ATM transactions - cash withdrawals and deposits.

     The card worked well till 09.01.2005 and then started to indicate that the card is expired. 

     On 11.01.05, I checked and was surprised that the card had expired. I requested the Call center person to activate the card and he said that it was not possible without even stating any reason. He asked me to go to the nearest Bank for Cash withdrawal. 

     Then I approached the bank for cash. The bank prepared a loose cheque and then enabled me to collect the cash. The officer in the bank informed me that the card had expired and the new card was despatched through Express Deliverable (no docket details are available) on 21.09.2004. This card never reached me.

     The bank blamed me for not informing and that the new card will be issued only with a penalty of Rs. 220/-. 

     My questions are:
1)Why should I pay the penalty and where is the old card?
2)Where are the pin details, which should have been shipped after a week of the delivery of the card?
3)How come both the couriers misplaced?
4)They are not ready to give me the despatch details fo the courier services. Why?

     The bank is not giving me any clarification and only harassing me by not letting to operate my account through ATMs, in spite of having the minimum balance for a Metro city (Rs. 5000/-).

     Moreover they have charged me Rs. 28/- for the loose cheque provided for the cash withdrawal.  I am insisting that the bank should reverse the loose cheque charges (not due to my fault) and issue me an ATM or Debit card without charging me. They disagree with me.

     I have even suggested the bank to give me the old card and have promised them I would definitely pay for the new card. They did not agree.

     In a previous instance with this bank, they simply deducted money from my account and paid to LIC.  In fact in that instance also they stated that the e-transactions have happened due my fault. Then after stating them all the details and struggling with them, they accepted their mistake and reversed the amount back to my account. Is that a bank will not error? Why
do they find it difficult to accept their mistakes and trouble us? 

     Please suggest me and also bring to light the difficulties faced by Consumers and the arrogant behavior of this bank. They have not taken into consideration even after informing them that this matter would be placed before the consumer court and press or any website.

     I hope I have selected a powerful website to make the bank bow down for their error.

     If your require me to submit my credentials, I am ready for it. As an individual, it becomes very very difficult to oppose such a big organisation. Please help me out.
       P.R.Murali, Gunjan, GIDC, Vapi-396195. Gujarat

Beware of IndiaTimes Shopping 

     I faced my worst shopping experience at I have a couple of orders with them in the past and have never received the complete order. I shopped for two items (Order No. 9165867 dated 2005-01-14)one worth Rs 199(Suborder 5608493) and other Rs 400(Sub-Order No:-5608452) and Rs 100 was charged as shipment I received the item worth Rs. 199 (HandsFree) but never received the expensive(Data Cable For my Nokia Handset). I wrote to them atleast five mails and i havenít heard from them yet(its already one fortnight).. I feel cheated and feel that lot of my time was wasted just checking the order status. 

     They havenít given their customer care number as well , a clear indication of fraud people on net.

     I hope that something be done about this and that more and more consumers are warned against such companies.
     Hitesh Kshatri, Induslogic Inc, Noida 201301. U.P

Unfair Trade Practice by HT Media

Through your widely visited website I wish to bring forth a fact before millions of subscribers of Hindustan Times which would certainly make them change their opinion about the stature of the biggest National daily.

Although Hindustan Times has been highlighting others' follies in its grievance column `Action Line' for more than two decades, when it came to get enter the witness box himself, it tripped and fell flat on the face. 

The entire saga is regarding a big goof-up during recently concluded `HT Daily Lotto Contest'. In the said contest I won a place in 2nd weekly draw (at Sl. No. 1676). As per the highlighted prizes the weekly prize was supposed to be either Refrigerator or TV or Microwave Oven or DVD Player or Mobile Phone. That's it _ nothing less than that. Since no `etc' or `many other prizes' was mentioned, there was absolutely no room for any prize other than those mentioned in the daily ads. However, to my utter surprise I received just a `Rechargeable Torch' instead of any of the above mentioned prizes.

Although I took up the matter with Ms. Shobhana Bhartia, Vice Chiarperson, HT Media and got the reply from one Shri Anand Bhardwaj, Head _ Marketing also, the reasoning given was summarily irresponsible. The reply read that since only bigger prizes are highlighted to make promotions look lucrative, smaller prizes are not mentioned in such promotions. It implies that HT also adopts deceptive business practices, which is not expected from the biggest National Daily. HT might call it `Business Strategy' but to me it is nothing but `Unfair Trade Practice', which HT should have been the last to indulge in. 

If HT is transparent in others' matters, it should pass through the scanner itself first.   I sent this complaint for publishing in `Action Line' but HT Media did not have enough courage to bring its real face before public.
Can you please fill the gap which HT failed to do because of obvious weakness?

Rajneesh Batra, 31 Maitri Apartments, A-3 Paschim Vihar, 
New Delhi- 110 063

Bad shopping experience with 

I had following problem with shopping on 

1. I purchased gift on 13th Feb 1 06 am IST, on web site it was promised to be express delivered before or on 14th Feb 06 
2. The gift was not delivered 
3. On 14th Feb 06 money was deducted from my bank account 

Till date (22nd March 06) they did not deliver or did not refund and replied only once to my various emails. They dont have complain phone number either. This is a clear case of theft.

I am in the USA right now. I would file a case against them in consumer court, however I would like you to list this complaint of mine on your web site.

Himanshu Thube, 2820 Charter Dr., Apt #115, Troy,MI - 48083. USA

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