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UBER Customers beware
-    B.Vaidyanathan*

Being unable to adopt appropriate software and customer handling policies and practices, Uber and the like tend to take the customers for a ride.

    I have been utilising taxi services such as Ola, Meru and Uber, though I maintain a four wheeler.  These taxi services come in handy, and are economical compared to the traditional call taxi services and the original taxis, because of the transparency in customers being able to know the fare even before booking, waiting time, etc.  Of course, the consumer is expected to exercise due diligence while booking, while it be selection of the vehicle, availability, fare or mode of payment and applying of coupon code, if any, for availing concession.

    Uber had received publicity for wrong reasons, in the past, due to the inappropriate behaviour of its drivers with women customers.  Hence, to start with, I was quite apprehensive about utilising its services, especially for lady members of my family.  But over time, after I received some feedback from some of my friends at Chennai, I ventured to download its APP as well as that of UBER EATS.  Utilised the UBER EATS APP a couple of times, in Oct. 19 and once made a payment through my Card.  Probably, a mistake I did, I realised later.

    For the first time I availed the Uber Taxi in the last week of October.  I was not well and it was drizzling as well.  I had booked for a trip to drop my wife in her School, at Adyar.  The first driver whimsically cancelled the booking, after confirming.  The second driver dropped her off that day, and collected the charges of around Rs. 200/-.

    In the third week of November, when I tried to utilise Uber again, I was surprised to find that there was unpaid “dues” of some Rs. 93/-, with a noting that the Card could not be charged and that would be added to the current booking.  Hence, I dropped the idea of utilising Uber that day and instead availed the Ola’s service, as fictitious bills should never be accepted, however small the amount may be.

    Later, when I went through the trip details, which the Uber had accounted and charged, I found that it was a fictitious trip attributed to my mobile.  I informed them through a detailed reply that on the said date, a trip had indeed been availed for going to Adyar and the amount of around Rs. 200/- had been paid in cash.  (Incidentally, while Ola and Meru have the system of sending the bill/Invoice to the customer’s email id, just after the trip, Uber does not send any such bill.  The details are available only on their APP.)  Without proper verification or unresolved software issues in their booking and monitoring system, they informed that due investigation was conducted and it was found that the request had originated from my mobile.  While it is a fact that the call originated from my mobile, the destination was to Adyar, a distance of about 12 km, amounting to a bill of Rs. 208/- or so, for which payment was made, how come a fictitious ride to a nearby place got logged into my account is mind boggling.  Secondly, who authorised Uber to misuse my Card to debit some amount without my authorisation? Thank God, since I am using all PSU bank cards, without proper second level of authentication, in terms verifying through OTP, no one can charge the Card.   Finding Uber to be unreliable and unethical, I have since uninstalled both the UBER APPs from my mobile and would like all innocent consumers to realise the impending pitfalls if they avail the UBER APPs services.

    To conclude, one will be convinced that home grown entities like Ola and Flipkart, appear to be much better placed to service the average Indian consumer.  In contrast, American Companies like Uber and even Amazon do not appear to have developed proper customer handling policies or teams to take them far.   You may be surprised to know, after being a vociferous customer of Amazon, I had to quit doing business with them since the last 3 years or so, after experiencing pathetic customer handling, literally amounting to loss of self-esteem.  More about that, on some other occasion.
*Chief Mentor, Consumer Protection Council, Rourkela

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Unprincipled Amendments to Consumer Protection Act

A big question mark about the relevance of the judiciary in safeguarding the consumer
(Council's Curative Petition dismissed)

         In India, consumers have been at the receiving end since long.  One thought that things will change for the better after the Consumer Protection Act was enacted in 1986 and a structured approach was adopted to promote and safeguard the interests of the consumers.  But after 2004, things have gone from bad to worse.  Commencing from the castration of the Central Consumer Protection Council, the relevance of the consumer Act itself has been brought into question.  If the government is found wanting and none too serious to strengthen this voluntary initiative of the individuals to do their bit for a healthy society, which in any case is bound to benefit the industry, its competitiveness and the country as a whole, myopic approach only appear to rule the roost, as on date.

         Important amendments which were brought in 2003 to the Consumer Protection Act, with a clear objective of penalising Unfair Trade Practices and to compensate the consumer/litigant adequately have been frustrated by the indifferent approach of the National Commission as well as the Supreme Court.  That is why, giving the benefit of doubt to the bench which did not do justice to the issues placed before it by Consumer Protection Council, Rourkela, and to take the issues pursued by it to the logical end, Curative Petition was filed.  The GROUNDS categorically illustrate the denial of “Natural Justice” to the Petitioner Council and the failure of the Court in addressing the issues raised in the “Appeal”.  Rupa Ashok Hurra case specifically has laid “Violation of Principles of Natural justice” as the valid ground for considering a Curative Petition.  Question is whether a narrow view of non-issue of notice alone should be taken as the requisite ground for allowing the Appeal or blatant denial to consider the Grounds of Appeal by the concerned bench should be treated alike, in the larger interests of justice?  If this anomaly is not addressed, Curative Petitions will only be found useful when the media start highlighting an issue, like the LGBT case – leading to the strength of the population deciding the outcome of the Curative Petition.  This does not augur well for a civilized democratic country.

         Learned ex-Justice of Gujarat & Rajasthan High Courts, Sri M.R.Calla, and designated Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court had unequivocally advocated for allowing the Curative Petition of the Council, pointing out the gross miscarriage of justice and denial of natural justice.  But that has not appealed to the Supreme Court bench headed by the CJI, who have dismissed the Curative Petition, as per the Order made available on the internet today. 

            Something needs to be done to address and to save the people from this hyper-technical approach of the Supreme Court and to promote the consumer movement, which is after all in the best interests of the nation.  Will Shri Narendra Modi and his government do something to stem this rot?


How can the Supreme Court pass an irrelevant order?

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RBI's notification on Credit Card

  A consumer organisation with a difference Instead of rendering advisory services alone, the Council since its inception, in 1985, has been taking up issues affecting them through the consumer courts and other means and feels proud to have provided relief to crores of people.  These include:

  • Remedial action against short filling of LPG in cooking gas refills; of the 184 LPG Bottling Plants, of the three Oil Marketing Companies (IOC, BP & HP), only 4 remain to be automated.  Even these will be modernised within the next financial year 2013-14).  The quantified loss of nearly Rs. 750 crores per year to the consumers across the country has been taken care by this upgradation.  Thanks to the Council's Original Petition initiatied in 2001, before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).
  • Won an important case against the Rourkela Development Authority and secured financial relief for a group of individuals, against violation of Plan & Specifications in the construction of the houses and delay in handing over the possession.
  • Obtained a separate District Forum for Rourkela, though it is not the district headquarters, which otherwise necessitated the entire Rourkela population to approach the Forum, situated at Sundergarh, a place 100 km away;
  • Re-routing of Dhanbad-Alleppey Express train through Chennai Central;
  • Campaigned against non transferring of excise duty concessions (to the consumers) extended by the union government to the industry;
  • Better upkeep of the railway coaches of Utkal Kalinga Express and other trains;
  • Reintroduction AC Chair Car in Ispat Express;
  • Refunding of booking advance by M/s APSL and M/s LML; and many more. 
   It will not be an exaggeration to add that its activities have added to the confidence of the Rourkela population, against unethical business practices.

     The fifth Voluntary Consumer Organisation in the country to have set up a Consumer Information Centre, with the support of Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Govt. of India. Has earned a niche for creating consumer awareness and handling of individual as well as group/class grievances. It is bringing out an English monthly Advantage Consumer, to educate the consumers. It is represented in various Advisory bodies.

An Aware Consumer is an Asset to the Nation

     Through this site effort will be made to disseminate all relevant information and answers to many of the queries which are frequently asked. Knowledge is power and ignorance is the root cause of all exploitation. As a consumer, we hope you will find the site quite useful. Since ours is a voluntary organisation with meagre resources we have designed the site on our own and are sure there will be lot of scope to improve. As such we invite the public and the visitors to this site to communicate their valuable feedback, so that we may improve the contents of this site. 

     Lots & Lots of information in store for you to tap, in the Information Section.  Why wait to click on Information.

    If you are keen to support the Council, you may send in your donations through crossed Cheques/Demand Drafts, drawn in favour of "Consumer Protection Council, Rourkela". All donations to the Council are exempted under sec. 80G of the Income Tax Act. The Council is also registered under the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act).


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